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KaraAgro AI Successfully Map Farms In Ghana Using AI and Drones

karaAgro AI is a company that develops AI-powered precision agriculture platforms, which helps farmers to improve crop yields and on-farm productivity with detailed data gathered from different sources and processed with multiple technologies, including drones, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, IoT devices and satellites. By combining sensors and imaging of every plant with real-time data analytics, karaAgro improves farm outputs and reduces waste.

On July 12 KaraAgro AI successfully completed a commercial project and case study in the Eastern Region of Ghana where it mapped and analysed data from a cocoa field located within a forest, with timber trees (some as tall as 50 meters).

Using their AI, Computer Vision, Drone, GIS, and Data Science systems and pipelines, KaraAgro AI was able to capture aerial images and develop 3D and 2D maps of the cocoa field, plant health maps, and topology (crop canopy height) maps, among others.

On 17 July, KaraAgro AI was also successful in mapping groundnut fields in the Northern region of Ghana. In total, KaraAgro AI mapped about a 1,000 different genotypes (variations) of groundnuts; several hundred are novel breeds being developed by Savannah Agriculture Research Institute (SARI – CSIR). With this work, new breeds can be discovered that’d would improve groundnut farming in Ghana and Africa.

KaraAgro AI has the goal to help farmers dramatically boost their crop yields, and promote Africa and LMICs achieve food security through Artificial Intelligence and Precision Agriculture solutions.

Contact KaraAgro A at [email protected] or +233504049188 for our services and solutions.


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