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MinoHealth Wins £150,000 Grant.

Ghanaian startup MinoHealth, which provides Artificial Intelligent solutions to solve health issues in African, has won the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Digital Innovation for Development in Africa (DIDA) Grant.

MinoHealth is a multifaceted system that combines Artificial Intelligence, Big Data/Data Analysis, and Cloud Computing to optimize processes involved in Healthcare and also make them affordable and scalable compared to the current practices, especially in Africa.

MinoHealth uses Artificial Intelligence to make Health Forecasts, Diagnoses and Prognoses and organizes and stores Patient Health Records in the cloud with ‘Hospital Portal’ for authorized healthcare personnel. All Data collected is intelligently organized with ‘Big Data’ approaches and technologies; they are continually analyzed so important health information/stats on health center patients are visualized and made available to physicians.

On July 9, 2020, MinoHealth presented its Lacewing – handheld digital molecular diagnostic device & platform solution to UK Research and Innovation. Lacewing s a lab-on-a-chip device that allows for rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases. Currently, the solution has been adapted to COVID-19 as well as Malaria.

MinoHealth “chief enabler,” Darlington Akogo says their objective is to test, improve, and deploy the system, especially in Africa, in the fight against Malaria and other infectious diseases.

The solution is further eligible for a £3 million stage 2 grant for our research, development, and implementation.


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