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AppCyclers An Innovative E-waste Management Startup In Tamale To Organise An E-waste Awareness Campaign On International E-waste Day.

Waste management in Ghana specifically E-waste management has been the intervention startups seek to address. However, the problem is still in the system and needs more hands. This is why AppCyclers present an E-Waste Awareness Campaign to the general populace. This will commemorate the International E-Waste Day as well as educate and sensitize the general populace in Ghana on the effects of E-Waste and opportunities we can derive from them.

The theme of the campaign will be – “E-Waste, Challenges and Opportunities”. The activities for the campaign include

• A discussion on radio stations would be held on 14th October 2020. The discussion will be done and featured on three radio stations (Diamond Fm, Bishara Radio and Tawasul Fm). There will be a panel deliberation on what e-waste is, its causes, its negative effects and safe disposal of e-waste. Listeners will be given the chance to ask questions and share their thoughts.

• A virtual workshop on zoom would be held on the 15th of October. This webinar is organised to help participants learn about e-waste management. A panel discussion will be organised on the topic – “The Role Of Technology In  Waste Management”. Experts from Materials-Innovation and Joshua Palfreman, freelance waste management, recycling & WASH specialist share their experiences and insight.

• A social media campaign would be held on our social media handles on the 16th of October. This campaign would be made on all our social media handles as well as our communities on WhatsApp with informative content on electronic waste, circular economy practices, and safe disposal of this electronic waste.

We believe by sensitising the youth and the general populace around e-waste and the impact it has on us, we nurture them to be responsible consumers. This will also help them to spread the message among their families, teachers and local communities, which counts in promoting a safer, greener environment.  

By Mr Agudor Kwaku Agabas, Founder of AppCyclers.


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