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University of Cape Coast, KulturStudier Scholarships – Fully Funded

The Norwegian organization Kulturstudier (Culture Studies) is offering scholarships to a one  semester’s university undergraduate course in Global Environmental Studies in Cape Coast, Ghana.  The program is offered in cooperation with Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied  Sciences, which issues internationally transferable university credits (30 ECTS credits – European  Credit Transfer System)*. Applicants must have completed at least one year of university studies. 

Course period:  

• 6 weeks of self study with e-mail based supervision  

• 10 weeks of full time studies in Cape Coast starting September 5 for the autumn semester  • Individual home exam  

The Scholarship includes:  

• Tuition fees and course literature  

• Breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday during the 10 weeks in Cape Coast.  

• Accommodation (in double or multiple room shared with other students)  

• Daily transport Hostel/Study Centre  

• Monthly allowance for basic expenses during 10 weeks in Cape Coast.  


The applicants are required to hand in:  

1) Curriculum Vitae (CV) with references.  

2) A short paper  

3) A motivation letter  

4) Certificate of Undergraduate Studies or a transcript documenting successful completion of minimum 1  year of university studies, and a copy of Senior Secondary Education Certificate.  

The short paper should be between 1000 – 1400 words and be a response to the following statement:  Development can never be sustainable. Discuss using two or more examples of environmental issues in  Ghana to support your argument. 

The Motivation-letter should be approximately 500 words and answer the following questions:  • What makes you a good candidate for the course?  

Why you wish to study Global environmental studies?  

What will the knowledge from the course mean for your future career/work/life plans?  


* DO NOT register online if you are applying for the scholarship.  

* The course is full time and cannot be combined with other courses/commitments (e.g. work, National  Service)  

To apply for the scholarship, or for further information, please contact Kulturstudier at  [email protected] and put “Scholarship Ghana” as the subject of the e-mail.For information about the  programme, visit  

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