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The Global Development Awards Competition is administered by GDN, funded under the Policy and Human Resources Development Fund (PHRD) trust fund managed by the World Bank, and generously supported by the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan. 

The 2021 edition of the Global Development Awards Competition will feature two categories:

The Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development (2021)

The Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development (ORD) is a competitive research grant program that identifies and funds outstanding research proposals that have a high potential for excellence in research and clear policy implications for addressing development issues in low and middle-income countries (World Bank definition).

The Global Development Network (GDN) invites researchers from low-income or middle-income countries to submit research proposals within the theme, ‘International trade and the promotion of biodiversity.’

The Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (2021)

The Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP) is a competitive grant program that supports non-profit Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in low or lower-middle-income countries (World Bank definition) to recognize the innovative approach of their projects. The first prize winner is also eligible to compete under the Japan Social Development Fund for an additional grant of up to US$ 200,000 to pilot their innovative work at a larger scale. 

The Global Development Network (GDN) invites non-profit NGOs and CSOs from low and lower-middle-income countries to submit project applications within the following three themes: ‘Universal health coverage and COVID,’ ‘Community-driven, climate-related, disaster risk reduction in rural areas’ and ‘Quality urban infrastructure and community driven governance.’

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The two first prize winners under each theme will receive a grant of US$ 20,000 each. The second prize will receive a grant of US$ 5,000. In addition, the World Bank-administered Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) team will review the suitability of the proposals winning the First Prize for a much larger grant of up to US$ 200,000 under the auspices of the JSDF, one per theme.


●      Deadline for submissions: 9 June 2021●      Announcement of Eligibility screening results: 14 June 2021●      Announcement of Desk review results (1st shortlisted applications): 30 June 2021●      Announcement of Business review results (2nd shortlisted applications): 16 July 2021●      Site visits to 2nd shortlisted applications: 19 July until 13 August 2021●      Announcement of finalists: 15 September 2021●      Announcement of winners: 24 October 2021 Finalists are expected to be available during the following periods

  • 20-21 October 2021 – Communications training
  • 22-24 October 2021 – Session at the physical event for the presentation of their projects to the jur

Note: Are you part of a researcher from a low or middle-income country? Check the call for the 2021 edition of the Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development (ORD)


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