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Hohai University CSC Scholarship 2021 for International Students:

International students from all over the world are welcome to apply for the 2021 Hohai University CSC Scholarships. This is a fully-funded opportunity by the Chinese Government for students who wish to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree at Hohai University in China. All academic fields and majors are eligible at Hohai University under this Chinese Government Scholarship.

Founded in 1915, Hohai University is a key state university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China. Specialized in the research of water conservancy and education of engineering programs, the University provides disciplines ranging from engineering, science to economics, management, liberal arts, and law. It is a member of the University of Project 211, a cross-century project formulated by the Chinese government for the implementation of the strategy of invigorating the country through science, technology and education.

Currently, there are 3,409 faculty members and 46, 921 students. The University consists of 19 colleges and departments, with 12 post-doctoral programs, 78 Ph.D. programs, 233 master programs, 18 engineering master programs, 11 professional master programs (including MBA, MPA, MSW) and 51 undergraduate programs.

Hohai University is among the first batch of state-authorizing universities to award bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees to foreign students.  The University has received students from over 80 countries and regions, most of whom have become senior experts, scholars and officials in their home countries.

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  • Complete Tuition Fee waiver.
  • Free Accommodation.
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance.
  • Monthly Stipend:
    • Master’s Degree: CNY 3,000 monthly.
    • PhD Degree: CNY 3,500 monthly.

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Documents Required:

  • Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (filled in Chinese or English).
  • Physical Examination Form for Foreigners (filled in Chinese or English). NB: Applicants should strictly follow the items required in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. The “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” that is missing, has no photo of an applicant or is not stamped with a rider seal, and is not signed or stamped by a physician or hospital is invalid. The inspection result is valid for 6 months. Please bring the original when registering.
  • Notarized certificate of an undergraduate degree and/or above: Texts in languages ​​other than Chinese and English must be accompanied by notarized translations in Chinese or English. Fresh graduates must submit a pre-graduation certificate.
  • Notarized transcript: Texts in languages ​​other than Chinese and English must be accompanied by notarized Chinese or English translations.
  • Recommendation letter: From two professors or associate professors (Chinese or English).
  • Study or research plan: Written in Chinese or English, no less than 800 words.
  • Copy of research results: Abstracts or catalogues of published papers, award certificates, etc.
  • Copy of language (Chinese or English) test transcript: Applicants for a Chinese language teaching course must have an HSK level 4 or above (certificate is valid for 2 years). Applicants for English language teaching, in addition to English-speaking applicants, must submit IELTS 5.5 or higher, TOEFL – a transcript with a score of 80 or more or other proof of your English level.
  • A copy of a valid passport: Applicants in mainland China must also provide a copy of the current valid visa page or residence permit page.

Note: The above materials should be scanned and uploaded to the online application system, and then bound into a volume (two copies) in order and mailed to the Lanzhou University International Cultural Exchange College. When necessary, the school will require applicants to submit supplementary materials. All materials, whether accepted or not, will not be returned.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Non-Chinese citizens of good physical and mental health.
  • Degree and age requirements: Applicants for a master’s degree must hold a bachelor’s degree and be under 35 years of age. Applicants for a doctoral degree must hold a master’s degree and be under the age of 40.
  • Excellent grades and outstanding scientific research ability.
  • Non-recipients of other scholarships.
  • A Chinese proficiency test (HSK) level 4 or above (Valid for 2 years).

Application Deadline:

30th April 2O21.

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Application Process:

Want to apply? Follow the instructions below to apply:

Log on to the Chinese Government Scholarship website for registration, fill in the information, and scan and upload the original relevant materials. The scholarship website address is, the type of study abroad program is Type B, and the acceptance institution code is 10294 (Hohai University). Please register and log in to Hohai University International Student Online Service System as well.

Visit the website to gather more information before applying:

Official Link

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