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AI for Good Innovation Factory 2021

AI for Good Innovation Factory 2021 is an UN-led pitching platform to help start-ups grow and scale their innovative AI Powered and SDG-driven solutions, by connecting them to potential business partners, investors, governments, big IT companies and more.

For those who are seeking ground-breaking solutions from start-ups, it is an excellent platform to explore opportunities to meet promising start-ups, ventures and collaborators.

The Innovation Factory will also be the platform for the Summit partners to design, announce or launch global challenges. These challenges can be of different forms and formats, depending on the challenge nature and the implementing partner. It varies from an online crowd data challenge on a specific topic, to a moonshot grand challenges with global impact that takes a few years to achieve.

How to apply

The Innovation Factory will evaluate promising AI focused startups, and the best solutions will be presented as outcomes of the 2021 AI for Good Innovation Factory Grand Finale in December 2021. There are three steps to overcome, increasing in difficulty, to reach the annual Grand Pitching Finale.

  • Step 1: Fill out the application form – the best teams will advance to Step #2. Optional: Submit a 3-4 min pitch video or any additional material that you feel will enhance your chances of moving on to Step #2.
  • Step 2: Give a 4 min presentation live at the AI for Good Innovation Factory to a worldwide audience – judges will ask questions and evaluate the best teams to advance to Step #3.
  • Step 3:The best teams of step #2 will be pitching live in the Grand Pitching Finale taking place in December 2021.



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