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Unleash Plus is a 6-month program for socially responsible organizations (SOS), which aims to give social entrepreneurs the tools they need to scale up and implement new solutions for improving processes and results in sustainable social action. The core mentors for Unleash Plus are high-profile industry influencers and thought leaders who are helping organizations transform both their individual practices and corporate perceptions through innovative, dialogue-driven social impact.

The 2021 program will be virtual, leveraging an e-learning platform, and will include a high-energy two-day event to kick off the program and a 4-day bootcamp at the end where teams will have the opportunity to pitch to funders awarding grants to the most committed teams and advanced solutions.

UNLEASH Plus aims to accelerate the launch of innovative solutions, build a strong community of passionate talents and experts, connect high potential teams with funders and accelerators, and provide a supportive environment for all participants to advance their social impact ventures.

The program will provide new tools, an updated curriculum offered through an e-learning system, support from world-class experts, and access to relevant partners. The program’s goal is to support teams in their design of solutions for scaled impact and in successfully developing the solutions from prototype to a Minimum Viable Product or a version that can start to reach users and/or customers. It includes three components:

  1. PART 1 – UNLEASH Plus Kick Off & Introduction: a 2-day program launch where teams are introduced to the program, enhance trust among their teams and cohort, complete a diagnosis of current status, define team priorities, and develop a roadmap for achieving their goals in the program.
  2. PART 2 – UNLEASH Plus Virtual Learning Program: a 21-week online program focusing on the teams driving solutions to address the SDGs, further developing their prototypes, and preparing a full business case to effectively and sustainably reach beneficiaries.
  3. PART 3 – UNLEASH Plus Final Event & Pitches: a 4-day Bootcamp (held online this year) with highly tailored support for the teams and the opportunity to pitch to a panel of funders and partners.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they will continue to run the program entirely online again this year, using platforms that ensure they provide an inclusive opportunity for participants to access and participate in the program from anywhere in the world. Ideally, the program’s third phase is usually held as an in-person component, and we hope to revive the in-person gathering soon. Until then, the program remains entirely online without compromising on quality or experience.



Application Deadline: July 26, 2021


  1. Experience: Acquire new knowledge, skills, and networks through this new edition of UNLEASH Plus, by supporting teams and young leaders addressing the SDGs.
  2. Platform: Get curated access to a community already counting 4000 talents as well as hundreds of partners who can help brainstorm, develop, and test new ideas.
  3. Solutions: Unearth new ideas and/or accelerate existing solutions that are strategically important to you by joining or furthering your involvement in the UNLEASH movement.
  4. Recognition: Receive further recognition as an SDG-frontrunner by supporting UNLEASH Plus as we continue to reach new talents, partners, and audiences.
  5. Methodology: Access and be part of the refinement of UNLEASH’s unique innovation methodology and tools, which can be used to strengthen existing solutions or launch new initiatives.


UNLEASH Plus is designed for young innovators around the world who are solving problems to achieve the SDGs. Applicants may be social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, or activists who have an early-stage solution but seek support to further test, refine, and plan for its launch. Participants do not need to be working on their ventures full-time to qualify for the program. Previous experience participating in UNLEASH programs is beneficial, but it is not required.

Qualifying criteria for UNLEASH Plus include:

  • At least 2 team members in the applying team
  • The majority of team members should be below 35 years of age
  • A tested prototype of a solution
  • Documented feedback, references, or testimonials from early testing with real users
  • Ability to commit at least 4 hours per team per week for program
  • Less than 50,000 USD raised to date

Eligible Regions: Open for All


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