Friday, July 1, 2022

The programme aims to support two or three Women-owned-Businesses to:

• Access microfinance.
• Improve their knowledge of financial management and trade financing.

Target and selection criteria

The pilot targets two or three Women-owned-Businesses referring to the following criteria:

• Being an active member of the SheTrades Rwanda project.
• Demonstrating a solid business scenario.
• Having a minimum of three years of profitable business operation.
• Showing financial statements for at least one year.
• Being in the agribusiness fresh industry.

• Total Amount : US $10,000
• Highest Amount of Loan: US $5,000 per loan
• Re-payment Period: 6 Months
• Interest Rate : 3% for the total loan amount, the interest rate will be added to the total
amount (only one time)
• Payment method: Paypal, world remittance or Bank transfer (GWF will bear the transfer


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