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The GEF(Generation Equality Forum) held in Paris this year was a real eye-opener to many. To our team at YWB, it was a catalyst to make an impact. The 2021 Global Youth & Diversity Summit that is being virtually hosted by YWB on the 19th of December 2021 aims to gather about 100 legitimate youth/women/girl/LGBTQ+ led organisations from various social sectors to create an impact, as stated in our official commitments made to the Generation Equality Forum at Paris. The organisations are chosen through a highly selective process.


 Every organisation will be required to send one delegate to the summit. During the summit, ambitious changemakers, young people and youth from all over the world will be given time to speak about their cause. At the summit, we will also get to hear and interact with members of Government, and Civil Societies (For instance, MPs from various nations, delegates to UN, Project Leaders, other members of various governing bodies).

Quite often, young people have no/little access to interacting with leaders to create a positive impact. Through the YWB Global Youth Summit, we wish to bring young people, women and youth to the table, and in the driver’s seat, by providing them with opportunities to collaborate with like minded organisations, and learn from world renowned personalities from various sectors.

Main Objectives:

  • A global, co-led, intersectional approach to youth and young people’s well-being
  • Showcase of inspiring leaders among members of UN entities, global youth, women leaders in government and academia.
  • Providing a platform for collaborating with strong women leaders, members of government & civil societies, members of the UN and young changemakers from all over the world to create a substantial impact.
  • Gaining different perspectives on an issue through interactive discussions.

Who is eligible to apply?

(Note: Invited participants need not apply.)

•Applicants should be individuals who identify themselves as a part of either youth(between the age of 15 and 24), women (of any age), or LGBTQ+ community (of any age).

•Application must be filled by an individual acting as the focal point of 

 -An organisation working in any field; 

 -A feminist network (You can also apply if you have a social media following who are feminists or advocates for gender equality)


Online via zoom


19th of December 2021, 10AM-12PM Eastern Time.


The summit it free of cost 

Language/ mode of communication for the summit: 



 The summit is by-invite(or through an application process for those who are not directly invited by YWB) for organisations to send delegates(closed event).

 If you have received an email through us, by another delegate, or by our members, then congratulations on being invited! However, if you are applying on behalf of your organisation, or as a delegate, then we will get back to you regarding your acceptance/rejection via email.

Application form for interested organisations and focal points who aren’t officially invited: Priority deadline: November 15th

Regular deadline: November 30th

Link to application form: 

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