Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Will you become the digital transformation accelerator of your region?

If you are aware that digitalisation and innovation are today’s field of opportunity. 

If you are a technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, economic or business development player in your region.

If you are passionate about developing and strengthening your local innovation ecosystem, support local companies in their digital transformation.

If you believe that digitalisation can be a key enabler to address major societal challenges,

We are looking for groups of organisations: 

  • willing to work closely together to facilitate the creation of the Digital Innovation Hubs in their respective regions. 
  • with complementary expertise and a public-benefit objective.
  • willing to offer a set of services to companies to support their digital transformation and innovation as a regional one-stop-shop
  • That can offer expertise in either one of the following technological specialisation areas:

“We will select a total of twelve (12) DIH project within these (4) Technological Specialisation Areas”

  • The types of organisations can be, but are not limited to: Research & technology organisations, universities, private technology providers, technology hubs, science and innovation parks, entrepreneurship incubators and business accelerators, industry associations, chambers of commerce, training and capacity building organisations, innovation and regional development agencies, or other public administration organisations 

What’s in the Pre-Commercial Procurement Invitation for you?

  • Up to 70.000€ per DIH for set up costs
  • Participation in a DIH creation training programme
  • Expert support during DIH pilot phase
  • Up to 20.000€ per DIH for travel costs participating in the training programmes
  • Virtual community marketplace development support
  • Connection to Angel investment network
  • Networking with European DIHs  investors, innovative entrepreneurs, and ICT start-ups
  • Facilitation of linkages with African diaspora communities in Europe

What is required?

  • Application presented by Consortia of at least two organisations
  • At least two Consortium members must have a minimum of five full time staff collaborators
  • Consortia must operate in a specific location of one of the fifty five Member state of the African Union

What are the next steps?

  1. Read the official GUIDE FOR APPLICANTS the document explaining the applications and evaluation processes in detail.
  2. Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to check the answers to the doubts you might have
  3. Once you’ve fully understood the Pre-Commercial Procurement Invitation procedure, please click the APPLY button.
  4. DEADLINES before: January 18,  2022, 1st cut-off date – February 8, 2022, 2nd cut-off date
  5. Type your answers and let us know how you see yourself as a digital transformation accelerator of your region. 

Submission deadlines

1st cut-off: January 18, 2022 (16:00 Lagos time)

2nd cut-off: February 8, 2022 (16:00 Lagos time)

Apply Now

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