Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Teijin, a global Japanese chemical and pharmaceutical group, is looking to collaborate with innovative startups which are ready to help them tackle important issues. Startups that have a technology or solution related to Teijin’s materials business and can be applied to tackle any of the themes below are welcome to join this program. You will have the opportunity to collaborate and develop your solution further with Teijin and stand the chance to earn great prizes!

Tackle the themes below:

  • Protecting the EnvironmentCan your innovation ensure that the next generations can continue to live on the beautiful Blue Planet that our generation has known?
  • Safety, Security and Disaster MitigationCan your innovation provide safety for all individuals and allow them to continue thriving without fearing for their safety?
  • Improving Healthcare for AllCan your innovation help the elderly stay active and healthy, at the same time, reduce medical expenses?

By joining this challenge, you will have the chance to win:

  • Winner cash prize of USD 20K
  • Runner up cash prize of USD 13K
  • Second runner up cash prize of USD 8K
  • Mentorship opportunities with professionals from Teijin to further enhance your proposal
  • Collaboration with Teijin to bring your ideas to life
  • Networking opportunities with Teijin Jury members during the final event

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