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PG Biashara is an initiative that supports entrepreneurs in their journey to turn ideas into businesses. This includes growing and strengthening existing enterprises.Biashara is a Kiswahili word for “business” and it emphasizes the fact that with this initiative UPG is supporting entrepreneurs and all those looking to create impact through business.

UPG Biashara will make it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to kick start their business and also fine-tune potential business ideas with the goal of making the world a better place.

With a reasonable number of enterprises in our community, we can achieve exponential growth locally as United People Global’s (UPG) concern is to make an impact on every community on a global scale.United People Global’s (UPG) goal is to step in and mediate as such increasing the productivity of aspiring entrepreneurs and existing enterprises with the required skillset and funding for selected leaders.

“A significant number of people globally have great dreams and business ideas but lack adequate technical know-how and funding to make this a reality”.United People Global’s (UPG) mission of encouraging and enabling people from all walks of life globally birthed this initiative to grow individuals with potential business ideas and overcome the challenges, thereby making our local communities stronger.
UPG Biashara is composed of two journeys:

1 – The Learning Journey
2 – The Action Journey

The Learning Journey provides skills training to current and aspiring entrepreneurs in a curriculum that is delivered together with partners and collaborators. It includes a range of capabilities from identifying and developing solutions to writing business plans to concluding sales with customers and beyond.

The Action Journey provides support to entrepreneurs as they focus on building and strengthening their businesses. This support comes in various forms including: financial support, mentorship, networking and more.

UPG Biashara is FREE for those who are chosen to be part of the initiative. Among the selection criteria, participants will need to demonstrate motivation, ability and creativity. All of this is possible as #UPGBiashara is proud to work with world-class partners and collaborators who understand that entrepreneurship #MakesTheWorldBetter. Join us.

The program’s objectives:
To certify at least 500 people who complete the training each year
To support at least 500 people who are taking entrepreneurial action each year – in different ways
To support at least 100 entrepreneurs running businesses each year
To provide financial support to entrepreneurs ranging from USD 5,000 to USD 20,000

What we are looking for:
Anyone who has a business or dreams of having a business one day.

How to apply:

Individuals can apply here

Organisations are free to nominate an entrepreneur here

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