Friday, July 1, 2022

Data solutions have proven to be powerful catalyst for change. New technologies, such as the artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and applied data science in general, have shown their potential to effectively address climate change through innovations such as forecasting solar power production, optimizing building heating and cooling systems, pinpointing deforestation from satellite imagery, and analysing corporate financial disclosures for climate-relevant information. Climate Data Hackathon aims to tap the talents and ingenuity of data practitioners and students in India to leverage data science to create innovations that lead us to the sustainable world we all want!

This edition of Climate Data Hackathon will be a three-week design sprint focused on “Climate Resilient Agriculture”. Are you a student with background in Data Science or Agriculture or Environmental Science? Do you want to help find data-driven solutions for climate resilient agriculture? Do you think you can help find a business case for such solutions? Then this Hackathon is for you!

The teams have three weeks to apply frontier data technologies to define and ideate solutions that can help enhance the resilience of Indian agriculture (covering crops, livestock and fisheries) to climatic variability and climate change.

Problem Statement


  • Can non-traditional data sources help in identifying farmers in India (particularly in the state of Telangana) who are more vulnerable to climate change?
  • Can non-traditional data sources help in identifying farmers in India (particularly in the state of Telangana) who are practicing climate-resilient techniques and the impact of this on their farms and the environment?


Use openly available satellite imagery datasets to create datasets and/or solutions such as but not limited to – 

  • Farm Boundary Mapping
  • Crop Yield/Type estimates
  • Soil parameters such as moisture
  • Crop burning estimates, and its impact on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Use datasets already onboarded in the DiCRA platform to show positive and negative deviance in Telangana


At the end of the Hackathon, the teams are expected to present

  • Product Design Plan (prototype and design plan)
  • Business Case Presentation


1. The winning team will get a chance to visit Netherlands to participate in Hackathon for Good. All expenses paid for (subject to visa approval)

2. All teams who have developed a tangible solution will get a chance to work closely with UNDP to onboard their solutions to DiCRA platform

3. Top 5 teams who show business potential will get a direct entry into our Climate Ready for Student Cohort to build a startup out of their solution

4. Chance to meet and work with talented individuals driven to create an impact

Inspiring Innovation through Data

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Application Closing on 03 April 2022

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