Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Ghanaian educational system continues to face several challenges despite noteworthy progress in recent decades. Many children still achieve poor educational outcomes due to overcrowded classrooms, lack of access to school materials and a shortage of well-trained teachers. Over half a million children are not enrolled in primary school – a problem which disproportionately affects girls and children with disabilities.

While many current social entrepreneurs in Ghana strive to innovate and create effective education solutions, most do not impact children’s educational outcomes at the scale or depth they desire. Common challenges include limited access to funding, political barriers within the education sector, difficulties in measuring and proving their impact, and a need for stronger strategic leadership within their organizations.

The Project Goals

Reach for Change is collaborating with the Jacobs Foundation to run a two-year scaling readiness program that will strengthen the evidence-based aspect of the solutions of social entrepreneurs and lay the groundwork for future scaling. Support provided will intentionally create synergies with and integrate a range of Jacobs Foundation networks, partnerships and resources, both in Ghana and further afield. The social entrepreneurs are also going to receive grant funding to execute their solutions.

The Support Within The Project

We will select 10 social entrepreneurs into the Scaling Readiness Program. The selected social entrepreneurs will receive grant funding of up to USD 17000, business skills development, network & media exposure, strengthen research capabilities, opportunity to be a part of the Jacobs Learning Minds network, credibility and access to a network of Jacobs Foundation researchers, World class coaching and mentoring, experts and funders. Possible international travel to participate in Jacobs Foundation programs.

The application period closes on Thursday 30th May, 2022 at 23:59GMT

Email Assistance:[email protected]

Before applying, please make sure to:

– read the Basic Eligibility Criteria  and be sure that you meet them

– read the questions from the application form and prepare yourself

– download the budget form  and fill it in according to the instructions

(you will need to upload the ready version directly in the online application form)

Apply for the 2022 Scaling Readiness Program

Apply now

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