Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Independent Examinations Board (IEB) has recently released the 2022 final matric examinations timetable. The IEB shared that they wish to ensure the transition from Grade 12 to Grade 13 -is much- less stressful for the learners. Here are the dates that learners should take note of.

South African independent assessment agency noted that the exams will run the course of 11 weeks, and will begin on 13 September 2022 and learners will conclude their exams on 29 November 2022.

The IEB matric class of 2021 included 12 857 full-time and 968 part-time candidates from 238 examination centres writing in 267 venues between October and November across the country.

In a statement, the IEB said:

“A period of ten minutes before the official commencement of the examination will be allowed for reading time over and above the reading of any other instructions that may be necessary.”

During this eleven-week period, there is a religious holiday, i.e. Diwali on 24 October 2022. On this day, learners will be sitting for Agricultural Management Practice and Electrical Technology at 09:00–12:00. The IEB NSC examination papers and marking guidelines for the previous 5 years are made available as a study aid for learners. However, these guidelines do not reflect the full range of acceptable and partially acceptable answers that must be applied during the marking session for the exam.

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