Thursday, August 11, 2022

South Africa, Social Security Agency (SASSA) has finally announced new dates for the Social Security grant payment for those who joined the Sassa application for r350. Check out how the social security agency (Sassa) has rolled out a payment timetable for r350 applicants in July.

About 46% of South Africans receive their social grant from the social security agency (Sassa). During the first month, qualified Sassa applicants were given a permanent social grant by the Social Security Agency (Sassa).

Sassa has also confirmed it will give the social grant on the second day of each month. Due to this announcement, all qualified r350 applicants will receive their social grant earlier this month.

Now find out the July srd Sassa Grant Payment dates below;

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Payment dates for July 2022:

  • Monday 4 July 2022: Older Persons Grant 
  • Tuesday 5 July 2022: Disability Grant  
  • Wednesday 6 July 2022: Children’s Grant 

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has announced that the Child Support Grant (CSG), which is a social grant for low-income families intended to financially support the costs of their children’s essential requirements will be increased by 50%.

The Department of Social Development (DSD) recently put into effect measures that will significantly boost the amount that is typically paid out for this grant in an effort to benefit this group of beneficiaries.

As a result, all eligible children will now receive a total of R720, which includes their standard R480 Child Support Grant (CSG) as well as an additional R240 (50% of the basic CSG).


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