In today’s latest SASSA News –  we will be discussing the frequent questions SASSA SRD Grant beneficiaries ask when it comes to their payment and other issues. Continue reading on…..

Do caregivers still receive R350?

Yes, caregivers who do not have any other form of income flowing into their bank accounts that is more than R350 per month, except for the SASSA grant payment will still receive the grant.

The online website for the COVID-19 SRD grant is not working, how do we get access to the services?

The website is working, there could have been a network glitch at the time the client accessed it. It is advised that the client should try again later

April and May is still pending on the COVID-19 SRD grant application status, what could be the delay?

April verifications and payments resumed on 12 July 2022. May 2022 verifications have not yet started, therefore the status remains pending for the month of May.

When will the June payment dates be issued?

June payments have been made for clients that have successfully verified bank accounts

When are we receiving the remaining reconsideration grants because we can see they are still pending and you’re not saying anything? What’s the hold-up?

Dec 2021 to March 2022 verifications will be paid during the month of July 2022

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