Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant beneficiaries and applicants have been reminded that their application status may be subject to change depending on a variety of reasons. One of the is the reasons is the Sassa ‘means test’ that can affect the R350 grant applicant’s status.

As the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) continues to disburse the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant to qualifying recipients and applicants, the agency has called on beneficiaries to know that their SRD grant application may change for various reasons relating to eligibility requirements.

Brendon Van Vrede, Sassa’s Executive Manager for grants stated that the recipients of the R350 grants are continually evaluated to determine whether they still qualify for the grant. 

He addsthat this usually relates to one of the several reasons that SRD grant applicants often find that their applications have been declined. One of the ways in which Sassa evaluates an R350 grant applicant’s eligibility status is the ‘means test 

This indicates that when Sassa conducted means tests to determine an R350 grant applicant’s eligibility, they found that the applicant has an alternative source or sources of financial support.

This essentially means that they discovered through the various databases that they looked into that the applicant has either obtained a job or has an income that exceeds the required minimum to qualify for the R350 grant.

The means test is conducted on a monthly basis. It’s possible that an applicant received a salary during that particular month, making them ineligible for that month’s SRD grant payout. Applicants immediately qualify for the R350 grant if their means test status does not change in the following month.

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