SASSA SRD Grant Payment For September

Sassa is currently facing a number of problems as it attempts to distribute and process payments of Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grants.

According to a recent progress report by the Minister to National Council of Provinces: health and social services, SRD grant recipients not updating their details on the system is one of the key issues that they have encountered.

The Social Relief of Distress grant is only a few months into paying out grants since being reintroduced this year. However, the agency has been plagued by a number of issues when processing payments to beneficiaries.

SASSA has identified two main issues in the distribution of Social Relieve of Distress grants. Firstly, beneficiaries are not updating their details on the system in a timely manner and secondly, some recipients do not have an identity document that can be used to complete transactions at merchant outlets.

A message was sent to beneficiaries when it was time to withdraw money from a merchant and when used in conjunction with an identity document (ID), it must be used to complete the transaction.

Due to a number of issues with trying to deliver payments to beneficiaries, the grant payment process has not been without any hiccups. The main issue facing social security agency Sassa is when beneficiaries do not provide updated information about their identity documents and bank details.”

Sassa announced that it will be delaying social relief of distress (SRD) grant payments for a month to update beneficiaries.

Sassa asked beneficiaries to update their contact details as soon as possible. Sassa’s Executive Manager for Grants, Brenton Van Vrede also stated that the SMS is delivered to the old, defunct number because SRD grant beneficiaries change their cell phone numbers but fail to notify and update the Sassa system.

“Maintaining functionality when the primary system is down is challenging, but most of those issues have been overcome.”

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