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Sassa News Today – The Social Relief of Distress grant is a crucial source of income for qualifying beneficiaries. This is why any delays in payments being can be a huge setback. Here is why Sassa is yet to pay overdue SRD grants from previous months.

Although the South Africa Social Security (Sassa) continues to process grant payments for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant for the current cycle; the agency has issues to fix. This is particularly the case regarding the previous cycle of the SRD grant.

Throughout the course of processing SRD grant payments for the previous cycle, Sassa managed to accumulate a backlog of unpaid SRD grant beneficiaries. Many of the impacted beneficiaries’ application statuses say “Pending” when they track it despite having been approved several months prior to the current period.

According to Sassa, this has been happening because they have been attempting to keep up with the surge of new applications through their systems, which is why the June applications have been granted. 

Sassa has also said that they are aware of the backlog of applications from the months of May and April and have duly taken note of it. They have also indicated that they are working on a project to try to resolve the problem.

Applicants should be aware that these R350 grant payments will not be in the form of double payments or a single sum because Sassa evaluates each month individually. The agency also stated that they hope to pay May payments in August.

The Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu has also explained that there are a wide variety of reasons for the ongoing delays experienced by SRD grant beneficiaries. Among them is the submission of incorrect bank details when applying or applicants changing their banking without notifying Sassa about it. 

There are different reasons why various beneficiaries are delayed in payment. Please DM us your ID number if your payment is delayed so that we can find out what the issue might be 

The department also had to negotiate the payment of the grants with the banks because they must pay the banks to manage beneficiary payments.

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