How To Write A Scholarship Thank You Letter

Scholarships are a great way to reduce the amount of money that you have to pay for your education. You should definitely consider applying to as many scholarships as possible because they often have many students applying for the same funds.

Your search for scholarships has the best reward: Less out-of-pocket costs when paying for your education. And the more competitive your application is, the better chances you’ll have to get one.

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You are receiving the gift of your scholarship. Take the time to let it really sink in, and take pride in your achievement. Admissions committees assess your abilities, which you have demonstrated through your studies, extracurricular activities, internships and jobs. You should also be proud that you have received this gift, regardless of whether or not you go on to accept any or all of it.

Donors have made a choice. They’ve chosen you as the recipient of their scholarship program. Kindly show them how thankful and appreciative you are by writing thank you letters to them.

Writing a scholarship thank you letter is one of the most important writing tasks you’ll have in your life. Fortunately, there are certain guidelines involved in writing thank you letters in this context, and knowing them will help make writing them much easier.

Tips for writing Scholarship Thank You Letter

  • Be prompt – Write your letter in a timely way after you’ve been notified of your award.
  • Be as personal as you can – In this increasingly technological age typed letters have become widely accepted, but you might also want to think about writing your letter by hand. Hand-written letters on nice (not lined) paper are a more personal touch, implying additional time and effort in the composition. They have the added benefit of not needing to be quite as formal as typed letters.
  • Be professional – If you choose to type your letter, you should use a business format. Many universities and websites offer templates and samples that can be found in short internet search.
  • Avoid excess – Donors are busy people. Express you’re your thoughts clearly, simply, and concisely. Tell them a little bit about yourself, a bit about what you hope to accomplish in school, and a bit about your future plans. Tell them about how the honor they’ve given you will help make that possible.  Just keep it brief.

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  • Express your happiness and sincerity – The donors have done something great for you, it’s nice for them to know you’re excited and appreciative.
  • Do it right – Regardless of whether you choose to hand-write your letter or type it, make sure it’s well-written. Check it carefully for grammar mistakes and misspellings.  Not only does it look more polished, but you want the recipient of your letter to feel like they made a good investment in you.  If you are handwriting your letter, make sure that your writing is clear and legible.  If it isn’t, then typing is probably the better option.
  • Don’t send it through email – E-mail is the least personal and least labor-intensive way to send your letter, and as a result, it’s not looked on with as much favor. If you’ve received an award from a group that’s local, you might consider delivering it in person.  If that’s not feasible, then using the regular mail is the next, best option. The donor’s contact information may very well be in your award letter.  If it’s not you may be able to look up their contact information online. If that also proves impossible, then you can get the necessary information from the scholarship office of the university you’ve been accepted to. The scholarship office may even address and mail your letter to you.
  • Keep it looking simple – When you are writing your letter, do it on white or off-white paper, only. Avoid using colored paper or inks.  Make a test copy to make sure that the ink doesn’t bleed through the paper or smear when it gets folded.

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