Amazon Recruitment Bursary

Amazon Development Center launched Amazon Recruitment Bursary for people with disadvantaged backgrounds. Upon selection, applicants will receive funding from Amazon. The funding will include accommodation, academic costs and tuition fees. Successful applicants for Amazon Recruitment Bursary will also receive paid formal Amazon internships.

During the internship, the applicants will be assessed for full-time permanent Software Development Engineer roles. As an SDE intern, the applicant will be given opportunities to prove their skill sets and impact their value to the project for the customers. The applicants will receive the opportunity to grow with other Amazonians and grow their knowledge and network.

If the application is extended for a full-time SDE role, then the applicant will receive the opportunity to tackle problems on a global scale and design and develop crucial products for the customers. SDEs design, build and assess software solutions thus directing technology in helping millions of customers across the globe.

Bursary Coverage

Funding from Amazon Recruitment Bursary includes;

  • A personal compute
  • Books and stationaries
  • Residential/ private accommodation
  • Subsistence
  • Transport
  • Tuition fees

Eligibility Criteria For The Bursary

Mentioned down below are the eligibility criteria for Amazon Recruitment Bursary 2022-2023

  • Degree Programmes: Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, Information Technology and Software Engineering
  • Third yearFourth YearHonours students in 2023 from South African universities only.
  • Academic Eligibility: Applicants must obtain consistently a minimum average of 65% or above
  • Career Plans: It is required for the applicant to express a desire for Amazon and the field of software engineering development as the bursary provides a full-paid internship opportunity at Amazon where the applicants are assessed for full-time positions.
  • Obligations: Selected applicants are required to complete their summer internship at Amazon and participate in the training opportunities at Amazon. It is essential for the selected candidate to commit to accepting a full-term permanent role offered by Amazon if extended during the internship assessment. They must also commit to working for full hours in the “equivalent number of years funded”.
  • Citizenship: Only South African citizens are considered eligible for Amazon Recruitment Bursary.

How to Apply For The Bursary?

To apply for the bursary, you need to can click here to apply online: Amazon Recruitment Bursary

Documents Required

The documents required for registering for Amazon Recruitment Bursary 2022-2023 are

  • Application essay which will include the following prompts
    • Personal background with family circumstances
    • Achievements and leadership positions taken
    • Personal strengths and weaknesses
    • Elaboration of your choice of study program in connection with your talents, interests and envisioned a career
    • Personal statement to formulate your application profile.
  • Refugee permit or ID copy
  • Signed consent form
  • Income certificate of mother/death certificate
  • Income certificate of father/death certificate
  • Proof of acceptance/registration
  • Address proof
  • National Senior Certificate
  • (If applicable) Full academic records
  • Profile picture

Closing Date Of The Bursary

Application for Amazon Recruitment Bursary application started on May 1st. The closing date for the application is 15 September 2022.

Any application submitted after the closing date will not be entertained, therefore the application should be submitted before the given date.


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