How To Write A Scholarship Thank You Letter

In this article, you’ll discover some tips you can use to write your scholarship thank you letter which will make your scholarship donor appreciate it.

Scholarships are a great way to reduce the amount of money that you have to pay for your education. You should definitely consider applying to as many scholarships as possible because they often have many students applying for the same funds.

Your search for scholarships has the best reward: Less out-of-pocket costs when paying for your education. And the more competitive your application is, the better chances you’ll have to get one.

Donors have made a choice. They’ve chosen you as the recipient of their scholarship program. Kindly show them how thankful and appreciative you are by writing thank you letters to them.

In our previous article, we gave you some tips on how to write a Scholarship Thank You Letter, here I will give some formatting tips.

Formatting Tips

  • If you’re typing your letter, use a business format to the layout, if you’re handwriting it, you can skip it.
  • If you can address it to a specific person, it’s a nice touch.  If you can’t, address it as ‘Dear _____ Scholarship donor’, putting in the name of the specific scholarship.
  • Start your letter by telling them why you are writing to them.
  • Write a paragraph or two about why this is important to you. This is where you put in the information about your goals and how the scholarship will help you attain them.
  • End by expressing your thanks again.
  • Sign your name in ink, whether you’ve typed the letter or hand-written it. Type or print the name of your school underneath your signature.
  • If you have been the recipient of more than one scholarship, write a letter for each one, individually.

When you apply for a scholarship, you must write a heartfelt and professional letter to express your gratitude for the honor you’ve received. Follow these simple guidelines to help you create a prompt, polished, and professional letter.

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