International students are invited to apply for the Clinical Biochemistry Research  Post Graduation Scholarship. The UWA scholarships are offered by the University of Western Australia.

The scholarship is worth $4,000 and will be awarded to the selected applicant each year. The scholarship program is fully funded by the University of Australia.

Application Deadline: 4th November 2022.


To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, an applicant must—
(a) be enrolled, or eligible to enroll—
(i) full-time enrolment;
(ii) in research project units intending to undertake a research project focusing on physiological or disease pathways that utilize a biochemical test using a biofluid or tissues from a human or animal model to study physiological or disease pathways.
(iii) in the Master of Clinical Pathology (92510) by coursework and dissertation specializing in Clinical Biochemistry; or
(iv) in the Master of Biotechnology (71580)

How to apply

If you apply for a UWA Scholarship, you will need to submit supporting documents such as your academic transcripts, proof of English proficiency and include a statement outlining your reasons for applying.

Apply Now

Use the link below to apply for some fully-funded scholarships and some free online courses as well;

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