How To Apply for – Gauteng Education Bus Conductors Programme


Applications: 05 Sept -12 Sept 2022

Interviews: Mid-September 2022

Contracts: 03 October – 30 September 2023.

Can I apply if I was a Bus Conductor before or if I was part on the PYEI programme?

Former beneficiaries of the Youth Brigade and PYEI programmes may apply but priority will be given to applicants that have not yet benefitted from the programme. We are trying to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to earn and income and gain experience.

What are the duties of a Bus Conductor?

The main responsibility of the bus conductors is to ensure the safety and security of learners during transit from home to school and vice-versa.

· Manage queues at pick- up points

· Ensure buses are clean when picking up learners

· Provide reports on any non-compliance issues

· Must also observe conditions of buses, tires, discs and any safety related issue and report this to the monitor or principal

Is this opportunity only in Gauteng?

Yes, this opportunity is only for people living in Gauteng.

How much will Bus Conductors be paid?

A stipend of R3500 will be paid monthly via the school you are allocated to.

All payment and contracting queries should be directed to your school and allocated principle / leader or manager.

What is the age restriction?

18 – 34 years old, but there are limited opportunities for the over 35, the schools with those opportunities will advertise this at the schools and applicants should enquire about the application process at those specific schools.

Can I drop off my CV at a school near me?

No, only applicants that apply on or will be considered.


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