SA Youth Mobi is a mobile site that allows young people to register for free. This means you can save on data costs by using SAYouth Mobi login instead of loading up your social media profiles on your phone.

If you need help or support for any issue, you can contact SAYouth. SAYouth offers support and information to young people aged 13-19 and their families and friends.

SAYouth is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (excluding public holidays). If you need help or support, here are SA Youth Contact Details:

You can call, email, or chat SAYouth via the following;

More about SA Youth Mobi

  • Joining the network is 100% free. A young person will never be asked to pay money to be part of the network and access its features or benefits.
  • The SA Youth Mobi-site,, is also 100% data-free. This means that young people do not need data on their phones, laptop, or tablet to access SA Youth resources.
  • You also have access to a toll-free support line (0800 727272) should you need any assistance, support, or advice.
  • Anyone aged between 15 – 34 years can join the SAYouth network.
  • You need to be South African or provide a Refugee ID number to register.
  • The SA Youth mobi-site is live and available for young people to use immediately. 

For more information about SA Youth Mobi click HERE


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