Sassa SRD R350 Status Check

The R350 grant will provide a comprehensive boost to your home renovation project, and if you’ve already applied but are unsure if you still qualify, keep reading to find out how to check if you still qualify.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has reintroduced the Special Covid-19 R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant and millions of applicants have already applied for the grant since it opened.

South Africa is battling the Covid-19 pandemic and many citizens are vulnerable to poverty in order to survive. To assist those who are struggling, the R350 grant will assist with bills.

In 2021, it was made clear that all applicants, even those who had previously applied for the grant, were required to submit new applications via the various application channels provided by SASSA.

Applicants are able to check if they still qualify for the R350 grant. This process can be done online and on Whatsapp. 

How To Check If You Still Qualify For The R350 Grant 

  1. Visit the SASSA website
  2. Select “Click here to confirm your existing application” 
  3. Provide the required information
  4. Confirm your existing application 

Through Whatsapp at 082 046 8553, applicants can confirm their SRD R350 applications.

Applicants can only confirm their SRD R350 applications via the SASSA website or SASSA WhatsApp line as Sassa has told beneficiaries.

To this end, Sassa will only process one confirmation received from each applicant.

In case you are among those who are seeking to apply for the R350 SRD grant, you can do so through the following channels:

Applications for the R350 grant are open until Sassa announces its end. 

Meanwhile, for more information on the Special Covid-19 R350 SRD grant, visit the SASSA website.

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