Your Google Scholar Citations profile is a very simple way to collate your publications, citations and even research data so that others can find it, and often read it too.

Keep your Google Scholar profile up to date with automatic updates. With this, you don’t need to spend a lot of time updating your publications list. 

A Google Scholar profile can help your work come high up the page rankings if people are searching for your work.

If you are working in an area that is not well covered by the Scopus or Clarivate blibliometric tools, you can use the free Publish or Perish software to analyse your citations using the data from your Google Scholar profile.

In this article, you’ll find out whether you can create a Google Scholar account without publication or not. Publication is very important step in creating your Google Scholar account but as to whether you can skip that step I can’t really tell.

Apparently, someone who faced a similar issue asked the question and some experts have given their view on the matter.

Riffat Shahani asked,

Can i create google scholar account without publication?

I have tried to create account on google scholar but it is not searching my already published article i also tried to create account without publication but it not proceeded if someone facing same issue or know how to create account without publication please guide.

Matthew French opined,

As a workaround, it seems you can add any article, and then delete it when you are finally in your account.

Mohammed said you can,

During and after registration, you can skip the “publications” step and end up with a free account.

Al-Amr also confirmed it is possible,

Yes, Of course you can do that by skipping the “Articles” step

Miraz also added,

Yes. Of course. you just need to validate through the organization email ID

However, Matthew French came in again with this,

Attempting to sign up today, and like the original poster, there is no option to skip the “articles” section. You cannot complete the application without selecting an already published article (the buttons for the next section cannot be selected).

At, we recommend you try it and see if it doesn’t work then it means you can’t create a Google Scholar account without publication, however, if it works for you then that’s good for you.

Become a Google Scholar and start publishing your articles today by using this link below to create your Google Scholar account.

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