Activate Canadian Tire Credit Card Online

Canadian Tire Credit Card is a credit card which can be used to make online payment. You can easily activate Canadian Tire credit card online and also make your payment through this card. This card is very beneficial for the people who are unable to pay their bills in time.

Canadian Tire Credit Card is available to all the customers who want to make their payments online with ease. It has no extra fee for using this card and you can use it anywhere in Canada. There are different kinds of Canadian Tire Credit Cards which you can choose from according to your need and requirement.

Canadian Tire Credit Card Activation Process:

The activation process is very easy and simple. You have to follow some simple steps given below:

  1. Go to the Canadian tire financial service website and then go to the activation page by clicking the given link at
  2. There you have to provide some of the information related to card which includes credit card number, security code (this information you will find on the back of the card) and then click the icon stating “Continue”.
  3. New web page will open where you have to provide your personal details like your name, address which will help to verify your identity and then create a personal identity number or PIN number to give security to your account.
  4. After doing all the above procedure your account will get activate and then you can easily use that card for doing online shopping from anywhere at any time with ease


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