Apply for UIF Benefits Online: to apply for UIF benefits online, you first have to register on uFiling to obtain a login name and password. After that, you can login with your login details on the uFiling website and start filling in your application form. Head to and click “Register” on the top right-hand corner of the page.

This is a legal agreement. By accepting the terms and conditions and clicking “Continue” it will bind you to this agreement.

How to claim UIF online 

  1. Login to your uFiling account and click on “Benefit Application and Payments” on the left side of the page. Next, click on “Apply for Benefits.”
  2. Choose the type of benefit you wish to apply for and click “Apply” on bottom right.
  3. Tick the check box to accept the terms and conditions, and then click “Next.”
  4. Verify your bank details and click “Next.”
  5. In case the details are incorrect, click “Banking Details Incorrect?” You would need to download the U12.8 form from the Department of Labour website
  6. You must fill one section of the form while your bank must fill the second section. Email the filled form to
  7. Confirm your personal details such as addresses and click “Next.”
  8. Complete your occupation and qualifications details and click “Next.”
  9. Update your work seeker information and click “Submit.” You will receive a confirmation message if your application is successfully submitted to UIF.
  10. You can check your UIF Status Online


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