Get a Nsfas MasterCard, replacing the Nsfas Wallet payment platform, to make payments from your study capital or SAFE account. The card is accepted at thousands of South African merchants and websites.

The NSFAS MasterCard enables students to have greater control of their finances. Students can apply for a credit limit of up to R20 000, they can use the card to withdraw cash at ATMs, pay for goods and services and buy airtime. Students are also protected against fraud by Chip and PIN technology.

The NSFAS MasterCard is a reloadable prepaid card that helps students manage their finances. This can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted and can help them track their spending.

Who Can Use NSFAS Mastercard?

The NSFAS Mastercard is only available to students who are approved to receive NSFAS allowance. This means that if you are a student who is not funded by NSFAS, then you are not eligible for the NSFAS Mastercard.

NSFAS Mastercard Partners

These are the official distributing partners of the NSFAS Mastercard

  1. Coinvest
  2. Zaga
  3. Norraco
  4. Tenet

Linking your bank account to your NSFAS Mastercard is as easy as linking your credit card to your bank account. The process is the same, however, the process may vary from one bank to another.

Now here’s how you can link your bank account to your Nsfas Mastercard. Just follow the steps given below;

  • Login to the Netbanking portal of the bank whose mastercard you have taken
  • Go to the mastercard section
  • Click on the Register New Card button
  • Enter mastercard details like mastercard number, expiry date, CVV number, etc.
  • Click on the Submit button
  • You will receive an OTP. Enter it and click on Submit

Within a few hours, your bank will verify the information. If successful then your NSFAS mastercard will be successfully registered. You can then receive your NSFAS allowance, pay your bills, check your balance, etc. from the Netbanking portal.


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