SA Youth Mobi is an employment network for South African youth to access learning and work opportunities in their area. It’s a platform where employers can post up opportunities, young people can apply for those jobs and learnings can be accessed by partnering institutions.

SaYouth Mobi is a national network that brings together a wide range of partners within and beyond the government to create an ecosystem of support for young people. SAYouth Mobi has a mission to ensure that every young person has a place to go for information and support, no matter where they are or their circumstances.

SA Youth Mobi is a mobile site that allows young people to register for free. This means you can save on data costs by using SA Youth Mobi instead of loading up your social media profiles on your phone.

By enrolling and completing your profile, you will be able to engage and access opportunities for learning and earning on the SaYouth Mobi platform. Sa Youth Mobi brings together opportunities from multiple partners in one place.

A place for youth, by youth: Our nationwide network is focused on providing support through multiple channels, whether face-to-face, on WhatsApp, or via a toll-free contact center.

How to log into SA Youth Mobi

To access SA Youth Harambee login,

  • Navigate to
  • Enter your Username or RSA ID number.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click Login to access your dashboard.

For more information about SA Youth Mobi click HERE


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