Google Account

Has your Gmail login or Google account has been tampered with by hackers, then you need to act faster and quicker. The more you delay the higher you risk your chances of retrieving your account from those hackers.

Hackers are everywhere, and they capitalize on our mistakes to hack our Gmail login passwords or google account sign up.

If your Gmail login account or google account has been hacked, don’t panic we are here to help you recover your account and start receiving and sending email messages.

Google immediately flags and sends you an email to let you know, if someone logs into your account from an unrecognized device or unrecognized IP address.

You must go to the security section of your Google account and change the password immediately If you don’t recognize the login. For example, anytime I log into a different device with my Gmail account or google account, I receive a security alert email from google to inform me about it.

However, if you slack about it, you give the hacker chance to login and change the password, and then it’s back to the account recovery link

Google will ask you the last password you remember and the security questions. Straight forward, a verification code will be sent there for you to enter, If you have a backup email address or phone number in the account

This is why it’s absolutely essential you add these details in advance to “hack-proof” your account in the future.

You are secure if the hackers didn’t manage to change your backup options and personal details.

But in case, the hackers did, then your chances of getting the Google account back just plummeted, and you may need to assume it’s lost.


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