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Please do not repeatedly change your bank details on the SRD website for grant application purposes as you may end up having to wait for verification again and again.

Grant funds will have to be paid in full unless we find out that this was done on purpose. Neither the SASSA offices nor any other part of the system is authorized to authorise such changes.

Sassa handles Social Security and grants. The SRD grant is the R350 grant, which all South Africans who qualify receive. Sassa ensures that you get it every month, in your account automatically (no need to notify us when you get paid).

In the case of the R350 grant, Sassa has, in some circumstances, had difficulty disbursing the SRD grant to beneficiaries. This can be attributed to unsuccessful applicants or recipients providing incorrect banking details.

In a statement released by Sassa, it read,

“Clients are urged not to repeatedly change their bank details on the SRD website, as the account will have to be verified each time a change is made-which may delay payment for such client.

If you have been informed that your bank details will need to be verified and/or updated on the SRD website each time you submit a grant request, please still login to your online banking account between 1 pm-6 pm every day and update any changes to your details. We do not want to delay payment for our clients by having them repeatedly wait on verification processes.

SASSA Srd Grant would like to advise our clients that they are recommended to open a bank account with an institution of their choice. The management of the fund will make sure that you are in control of your wealth and that help us ensure your safety.

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