Scholarship Thank You Letter Samples – Guide + Tips

If you won a scholarship, your success is not an individual effort. It’s about a donor who offered you a helping hand and has made it possible for you to pursue academic excellence.

A scholarship thank you letter from students is essential in highlighting the importance of philanthropic acts.

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Formatting Tips For Writing Scholarship Thank You Letter

Sample Scholarship Thank You Letter

Below are some samples of scholarship thank you letters you can choose your favourite out of them.


Name of Donor or Donor Organization

Name of Scholarship


[City, State, Zip]Dear Scholarship Donor,I am honored to be a recipient of the 2016/2017 [Scholarship Name] at [University Name], and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support to students who need it most.

I am a Junior majoring in Business Management and I hope to one day work at one of the major credit rating agencies, and in particular, work at Standard and Poors. At some point, I want to start my own business consultancy company, and this will give me the chance to guide businesses towards prosperity. I am currently employed at the YMCA as well as a trainer at a local barn. I also volunteer on Sundays at a local animal shelter, and my job is to walk dogs and help those adorable cats to socialize.

Your scholarship has opened a door and the prospect of a brighter future and will play a key role in shaping me into a successful person in future. Donors like you make life brighter for us and I can only hope that one day, I too will be in a position to bring a smile to another needy student.

I cannot express my gratitude enough, and I want you to know that your generous support will see me achieve my dreams.


Your Name.

Some other samples;

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