In today’s Sassa News – SASSA is aware that beneficiaries of the SASSA Grant may want to find out about their grant payment schedule for the rest of 2022. In SASSA Update we have provided all details on your grant payments.

The government-issued SASSA Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD 350), a grant of R350 per month to be paid to individuals who are currently unemployed, do not receive any form of income, social grant or UIF payment etc. This can be paid to both Refugees and Asylum Seeker permit holders.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) announces the SASSA payment dates at the start of each month. They have the difficult job of doing their best to ensure the right people are paid at the right time and place which involves a significant amount of administration.

According to them, “Sassa is committed to ensuring that all eligible grant beneficiaries receive their payments on time and in full. To achieve this objective, Sassa has developed and implemented an electronic system for issuing payments directly from our bank account into each beneficiary’s bank account.

October Grant payment:
  • Disability grant: 4th  October, Tuesday – grants linked to this account
  • Older persons grant:  3rd October – Grants linked to this account
  • Rest of the SASSA grants: 5th October 2022.
November 2022:
  • Disability grant: 3rd November – grants linked to this account
  • Older person  grant:  2nd November 2022 – grants linked to this account
  • Rest of the SASSA grants: 4th November
December 2022:
  • Disability grant: 2nd December 2022- Grants linked to this account
  • Older person grant: 1st December – Grants linked to this account
  • Rest of the SASSA grants: 5TH December

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