SASSA News – New July R350 Grant Assessments to be Conducted

SASSA News – With the number of received applications considered, the importance of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)’s R350 grant cannot be understated. It is for this reason that the agency has said that it intends to conduct further R350 grant assessments for July.

In the process of approving Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant applications and disbursing the R350 grant to all qualifying beneficiaries, SASSA received 11 million applications in June this year. Out of this total Sassa approved 6.6 million but only approximately 4 million received their R350 grants.

This, according to Sassa’s Social Relief of Distress Grant progress report, is due to there being delays in the agency’s ability to conduct SRD grant assessments for July 2022, since the prior regulations mandated that beneficiaries confirm their grant every three months.

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The third month after April was June 2022, and many recipients did not reconfirm their grant payouts. Sassa went on to say that despite there still being difficulties because applicants are not submitting accurate financial details. July assessments under the new regulations will be completed soon.

Sassa will continue to communicate and publicise crucial information to enhance grant uptake, therefore applicants are encouraged to provide accurate information. The development of a fluid grant system by the Department of Social Development (DSD), according to the Minister, is in the best interests of those without employment, income, and who are vulnerable.

The Department added that while they understand that the majority of South Africans would rather be employed than get a grant, they cannot stand by passively as people lose their dignity while the economy is still in its infancy.

Applications submitted in April will be assessed according to the new regulations. Given that Sassa approved it, it will be paid out and ought to have been paid already. If recipients are experiencing issues, it is most likely because their banks are having trouble.

April applications were dealt with in June 2022. Those who applied in the previous cycle, including those who have appealed, were already addressed.


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