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Sassa News Today – The Government of South Africa is planning to replace the SRD R350 grant with a jobseeker, caregiver or household grant.

Following this, the Institute of Economic Justice (IEJ) has swiftly reacted to the ongoing plans to replace the R350 grant with the family grant. According to them, the proposed family grant will exclude millions of hungry persons. 

However, IEJ suggested that the proposal should be stopped because it will have devastating implications on the R350 beneficiaries.

A budget and tax office researcher, Zimbali Mncube said,

he said his criticism on this type of grant is that there is currently no structure or a way to identify household in South Africa ,he now s households are poor and with different family members. To this, it is simply unacceptable for people in the household to be more than one unemployed person splitting r350  among themselves in the context of high inequality and  increased food price and fuel prices.

Per the report made by the institute of economic justice,

” The proposals are underpinned by a logic of narrowing the grant beneficiaries as much as possible – that is excluding as many people as possible – and preferring non-income support interventions. The proposals separate poor people into three somewhat arbitrary and hard to distinguish categories (“extreme poor/multiple constraints”, “poor/some constraints”, “less poor/fewer constraints”) and then proposes a complex web of interventions dependent on the category. This includes the removal of income support entirely in the third category and, in the remaining two, the possible replacement of the SRD grant with a household grant or a jobseekers grant, adding yet another layer of conditionalities, many of which are nonsensical given South Africa’s context”.

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