SASSA Payment Dates

The social security agency is responsible for the payment of social grants to South African citizens. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a government department that has been tasked with delivering social grants when the Department of Labour, after consultation with stakeholders and labour unions, decided to separate itself from the Department of Social Development.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) announces the SASSA payment dates at the start of each month. They have the difficult job of doing their best to ensure the right people are paid at the right time and place which involves a significant amount of administration.

According to them, “Sassa is committed to ensuring that all eligible grant beneficiaries receive their payments on time and in full. To achieve this objective, Sassa has developed and implemented an electronic system for issuing payments directly from our bank account into each beneficiary’s bank account.

These are the dates for which payment is to be made for each of the social grants which SASSA currently offers to those living in South Africa who are both eligible and have submit an application.

April 202204/04/202205/04/202206/04/2022
May 202203/05/202204/05/202205/05/2022
June 202202/06/202203/06/202206/06/2022
July 202204/07/202205/07/202206/07/2022
August 202202/08/202203/08/202204/08/2022
September 202202/09/202205/09/202206/09/2022
October 202203/10/202204/10/202205/10/2022
November 202202/11/202203/11/202204/11/2022
December 202201/12/202202/12/202205/12/2022
January 202303/01/202304/01/202305/01/2023
February 202302/02/202303/02/202306/02/2023
March 202302/03/202303/03/202306/03/2023

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