Sassa Status Check: Approved But No Payment in Bank Account

You may be wondering why your Sassa r350 grant online application has been approved, but there is no payment in your bank account. You may be new to the Sassa system, and there might be some administrative issues that need to be sorted out before they can pay you. In this article, we at Hubopportunities will take you through the steps to follow to get your payment reflected. Below are some of the reasons your payment may not be reflected:

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  1. The first reason could be because the department of social development has not received all the required documentation needed to process your application. The DSD requires that each person who applies for social grants must provide proof of identity and proof of residence documents with their application form. It is important that all applicants ensure that they supply all the required documents at time of application so that there will be no delays in processing payments once they are approved.
  2. The second reason why your payment might be delayed is if there is an issue with the bank account number that you provided to Sassa.
  3. You did not sign up for direct deposit: In order for Sassa to make payments directly into bank accounts, beneficiaries must sign up for direct deposit before their claims can be processed and approved by Sassa representatives.

Beneficiaries who have submitted their applications are also encouraged to check their SASSA profile for any updates regarding their payment status. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Profile’ button at the top right corner of your screen on SASSA’s website or mobile app.


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