In today’s Sassa News – Sassa announces new procedure for appealing R350 grant rejections, but it has still been delayed.

Citizens whose applications were wrongly rejected can only appeal within 30 days.

They would need to appeal for each month that their request was rejected.

Due to the enormous number of applications received by Sassa, which has dramatically increased as a result of the R350 grant.

Sassa has decided to outsource the appeals process.

This was done so that applicants who feel their application has been unfairly rejected can still have their voices heard.

Many appeals come from rejected applications because of people who reflect on the SARS and UIF database, even though they might no longer be active on the database.

There is a certain time frame before someone is removed from the UIF database.

How To Check SASSA SRD Appeal Status From SASSA

To check your Sassa SRD status appeal from Sassa, then follow these steps carefully;

  • Call SASSA on their toll free number 0800601011, but make sure you have the ID number and the phone number when you place the call.
  • You can ask SASSA to also check your SASSA SRD R350 Appeal status or reconsideration status without paying anything.
  • They may make a few enquiries to make sure that you are the real owner of that account.
  • They will provide you with your current appeal or reconsideration applications status and possibly tell you what to do to receive your grants.
  • Because SASSA hotline is very busy, you have to wait for some time before your call will be picked and answered.
  • You need to keep trying calling if they are not picking or the line is busy

For more information about Sassa SRD grant and other Sassa news, use the link below;

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