Sassa SRD Status Check Online 2022

Make your Sassa online payments, you can also check your Sassa SRD application status online now. You can change your banking details and make new applications in South Africa.

How To Track Your SASSA SRD Status Online

This article is a brief guide to how you can check if your application for the R350 grant has been paid. Applications for the grant opened on 6 August and SASSA has paid millions of applicants since then. Here’s how you can check if you’re one step closer to receiving your grant.

Sassa has provided 3 different ways to help applicants track their applications for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, which is meant to assist them during periods of financial distress.

Applicants can track their applications by SMS, internet or phone. As this service is already in place, all applicants will have to do is follow the given instructions.

Once you’ve submitted your application for the R350 grant, you’ll probably want to know the progress its making.

You can check your R350 SRD grant application status on any of the following platforms listed below;

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has repeatedly said that there is no set R350 grant payment date and that beneficiaries will be paid for the months that you qualify.

Just in case you’re looking for the SASSA contact number or SASSA contact details for SASSA grant enquiries, or the SASSA website or SASSA Twitter, and other news on Sassa SRD Grant payment use the link below

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