The government of South Africa has announced that it will be introducing a payment platform for the disbursement of student bursary aids. But, not all students will get access to NSFAS Mastercard which is a new method at the same time.

Get a Nsfas MasterCard, replacing the Nsfas Wallet payment platform, to make payments from your study capital or SAFE account. The card is accepted at thousands of South African merchants and websites.

The NSFAS MasterCard enables students to have greater control of their finances. Students can apply for a credit limit of up to R20 000, they can use the card to withdraw cash at ATMs, pay for goods and services and buy airtime. Students are also protected against fraud by Chip and PIN technology.

A MasterCard Credit Card is a powerful payment tool that enables you to access funds quickly and easily, whether you’re buying groceries, paying for gas at the pump, or booking travel arrangements. You can build credit by having it reported to the three major credit bureaus. Almost every day you make a purchase with your card, we’ll review it – this makes sure your purchases are made responsibly, which is good for your credit record.

The NSFAS MasterCard is a reloadable prepaid card that helps students manage their finances. This can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted and can help them track their spending.

Nsfas funded beneficiaries receive monthly allowances towards either food, transport and other living expenses; the new solution will help students manage their finances sustainability and also teach them financial

The Nsfas MasterCard is the new direct payment solution from Nsfas which means that allowances will be sent to the students through their NsfAS MasterCard.

Students will be contacted individually by Nsfas when they can apply for a NSFAS mastercard.

They are reminded that if they receive an SMS or any other form of correspondence from Nsfas, they will not be required to provide their Nsfas passwords, ID number or personal information. 

If you are asked for personal details, It’s not Nsfas. Please be alert.

Students who have questions regarding the new Nsfas MasterCard are encouraged to visit their colleges’ on-campus financial aid office.


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