Huge Claims will be Subjected to Verification before Payment -UIF

UIF payments latest news  The South African Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) is bringing to an end the tide of fraud and corruption acts committed through claims.

Since the beginning of June there has been a significant drop in daily pay outs, from about R90 million to around R50 million, due to verification processes that the UIF has re-introduced.

“We have recently noticed a significant rise in corrupt activities where claims with significantly higher amounts are quickly processed and paid.

We have noticed a pattern where these claims tend to be the same amount, processed from the same areas and without source documents.

“Hence we insist that all processed claims, particularly those with huge amounts, shall be subjected to verifications before payments are released. We urge our beneficiaries to be patient with us, as we need to make sure benefits are paid to the right people”, says the UIF’s Commissioner, Teboho Maruping.


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