Moya App Sassa 350

The SASSA app is a data free software that has been designed to provide a medium where information from the social grants recipient can be accessed for free across Africa.

Through the Sassa app, you can be connected with the social grant organization that manages your grant and easily access all important information about your SRD R350 grant.

The SASSA app has the capacity to manage multiple accounts, carry out payments and generate reports. The Sassa App was developed by DataFree Africa Pty Ltd.

Moya app product is a driving force behind SASSA’s initiative to offer social grants online. Any Sassa applicant can download the Sassa App free from Google Playstore.

After downloading the SASSA app, with just a few clicks you can send or receive your identity documents to the department of home affairs (DHA), formerly department of social development (DSD). All while avoiding long queues and delays.

Download the SASSA app, and you are ready to go. You can use your smartphone to send or receive payments as well as track your balance and spending.

How to download SASSA App or Moya app SRD R350 Grant

  • Download the latest version from the link above.
  • Install the application
  • Open the SASSA app application to launch it.
  • Go to Discover and select “Services and Money”
  • Choose SASSA SRD or DataFree SRD
  • It will send you directly to the official SRD R350 application website.
  • Before then, make sure you have a working internet connection, although no charge.
  • You can apply for grant, you can check your SASSA application status, you can also appeal or apply for reconsideration if you are declined.
  • The SASSA app will also help you to cancel srd grant in few steps and also to reinstate canceled SRD if you so wish.
  • It also offers the ability to update or change or switch payments option or banking details online.
  • It allows you to update or change their phone

Just in case you’re looking for the SASSA contact number or SASSA contact details for SASSA grant enquiries, or the SASSA website or SASSA Twitter, and other news on Sassa SRD Grant payment use the link below;

Click Here To Get More Info On SASSA NEWS


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