In today’s Sassa News – Thousands of SRD grant recipients have not received money or any form of relief. Despite making several improvements to system operations for the roll-out of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant payments, thousands of SRD grant recipients have not received money or any form of relief.

Families that depend on the SRD grant are experiencing great hardships due to delayed payments. The Department of Social Development (DSD) and Sassa are responsible for delivering the SRD grant to beneficiaries; however, delays in these essential payments have affected recipients across the country.

The Pay the Grants movement is extremely concerned about the non-payment of the Homeless grant (SRD) and the ongoing failures of Sassa, the Department and Minister Zulu regarding the R350 grant.

In an interview, Daddy Mabe notes that there is no single solution that has been attempted by Sassa and DSD to work.

Majority of applicants have not received any money on hand, and those who have been approved have not received payment dates and those who received payment dates have not received cash.

The system challenges that have been caused by the new regulations are not being resolved and the reality remains, that thousands of people are affected by the delays.

Mabe says that they are beginning to speculate that the national treasury might be subjecting the DSD and Sassa to a specified budget for them to manage so that when the DSD runs out of funds, they can request another funding from the fiscus.

“The new minister of finance has a hostile attitude towards grants, and he has an austerity approach, and that is where the problem is coming from,” he says

The movement is also planning to put pressure on Sassa and the department, whether that be through legal channels or any other means necessary.

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