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An economics study programme will give you a broad understanding of the forces that shape and drive the economy, leading you to analyse, interpret and respond to economic problems.

The broad scope of the economic sector means that it incorporates many competencies, including risk analysis, financial management and statistical analysis.

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Below is a brief look at the five most popular economics undergraduate degrees offered at the University of South Africa (Unisa) and their course contents.


Economics, or the study of money flows, is a social science that looks at the production, distribution and consumption of resources. Economics is concerned with allocation of time, energy, and other resources in society. As an example, if there are 100 oranges to be shared by 10 people who each value oranges differently, different economic systems would use different methods for deciding how those 100 oranges are allocated.

Banking, Risk and Financial management

Students will learn principles like financial planning, credit management, stock control, capital management, tax planning and budgeting. This course is ideal for those who are keen to understand how business should be managed from a financial perspective

Business informatics

The Unisa programme will develop skills in a variety of areas including information technology, accounting, economics and strategic management. Students will learn how to properly analyse and implement these systems in a business environment.

Human resource management

Become a human resources manager by studying in this degree. This course focuses on people management, policies, procedures and systems to open you up to more career paths than just becoming a HR practitioner. Study this course and then go into government, education, commerce and industry as well as hold wide range of positions.

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Industrial and organisational psychology

As a student of the psychology of business, you will gain insights into many areas of human behavior. You will examine psychological principles and ethical considerations as they relate to organizational behavior, leadership, personnel development and training.

Unisa also offers the following economics courses: Decision sciences, Entrepreneurship, Management and management support services, Marketing management, Public administration, Retail management, Safety Management, Tourism management and Transport economics, logistics and supply chain management.

Under Unisa’s Economic and management sciences faculty, these courses are all offered.


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