The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) wants to help you and your family. The Sassa R700 grant provides financial assistance for vulnerable people across South Africa, regardless of race or gender. Sassa has urged clients not to apply for new Sassa R700 grant applications that are being advertised on social media.

SASSA has debunked a social media post that claims to be from Sassa advertising a new R700 grant. Sassa issued a statement saying they are aware of the fake social media post and that people should ignore it.

The message was sent to a large number of people, including some individuals with whom the sender has no prior contact. This makes it difficult to distinguish this message from official social media posts from Sassa.

You can find all of the grants offered by Sassa on their official website at

“Please note that the below advert is FAKE and does not come from SASSA. No additional grant type is offered apart from the ones announced by SASSA”.

Below are the official social grant offered by Sassa;

  • Disability grant
  • War veteran grant
  • Child support grant
  • Grant-in-aid
  • Older pension grant
  • Foster care grant
  • Social relief of distress grant
  • Care dependency grant

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