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Blackboard is the learning management system that helps University of Pretoria instructors deliver course content through an online platform. Students can access this content from anywhere and at any time, making it easier to reach your educational goals.

Students can access their ClickUp account from anywhere and at any time. On this portal students can find information about registration, transcripts, changes in accounting, acception of applications and many more. UP students now have the tools needed to make the most of their higher education experience.

The purpose of the Blackboard Student Portal is to provide students with easy access to their academic material, including: course registrations, transcripts, changes in accounting and acceptances and so on. This portal enables students to view their account information, progress reports and other useful resources that are available through the ClickUp portal.

How To Login to clickUP as a fresh Student

  • ClickUP’s ( or UP Portal’s web addresses
  • Your username is ‘U’, followed by the number on your student card that corresponds to your student number (for example, u987654321)
  • Your username is: You will use your ID number / Passport number as a password the first time you log in; after that, you will use your UP Portal password.
  • Click the New users link if this is your first time logging in. The system will walk you through creating security questions and setting up your password. Carefully read the instructions and information (about passwords and browsers). You will use your own password for future logins after creating your own password through the “new user” link. If you’ve forgotten your password, click the ‘Lost (forgotten) password’ link to reset it.

 How To Register and Access the University of Pretoria Student Online Portal

  • Visit the University of Pretoria Student Portal for further information.
  • If you are new to the student portal, you are going to sign up by pushing the ‘New User’ button. 
  • Fill in your Username and National ID number.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until your account is successfully set up.

How to Access ClickUP Login Directly Using A Web Browser

tep 1: Launch your web browser (Use only: Firefox or Chrome ).

Step 2. Type the URL for ClickUP in the address bar: 

Step 3. Type your login and password.

How to Access ClickUP Login Using The UP Portal

Step 1: Launch your web browser (Use only: Firefox or Chrome ).

Step 2: Type in the address bar to go to the University of Pretoria’s home page.

Step 3: Select My UP Login from the drop-down menu (at the top of the page)

Step 4: Enter your username and password in the ClickUP Student Portal.

Step 5: Select the ClickUP Portlet from the drop-down menu.

How to Access ClickUP Login Using The Blackboard Student Mobile App

Step 1: Choose the appropriate app store for your device.

Step 2: Install the application.

Step 3: Find your school by using the following search terms: ClickUP

Step 4: Use your portal/ClickUP credentials to log in: your portal password and your login details. 

You must first download the app to your laptop or cellphone to obtain access to the student mobile app and the student portal.


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